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ExchangePoint / Zenter
Zenter is a Business Intelligence software solution that combines the powers of various tools to deliver excellent sales opportunities and luxuriant growth to businesses. As an All-in-One software, Zenter includes an Email and Text Messaging system, a powerful Survey system, Telephone Support system, CRM system and Leads. Zenter saves organisations a lot of cost and time because in one software, many tools are combined and the data is stored securely.

Zenter is powerful communication tool that is useful for direct marketing, as it is easy to create a target audience in the system and send it a targeted message. Using e-mail, SMS and surveys in one system is a form of communication that is the core of the type of marketing called Engagement Marketing and has been growing worldwide. This type of marketing is about making things as personal as possible, by sending a reasonable frequency of relevant messages that always provide benefits to the customer. In this way, a future relationship with the customer is formed on his/her terms and at the same time a good business relationship that benefits both parties.

Our goal is to make Zenter a tool that can create a competitive edge for those who use it properly. With Zenter, you can create a circuit of information between the seller and the buyer of a product or service, building a trust that generates more income. Proportionately, it is a fairly common fact that most companies receive target customers and send out the same message to them. With Zenter, you can avoid such hazards and send the correct message to the correct recipient on time.

Why Zenter Emails?

Zenter automatically adjusts sending based on ISP responses and inbox delivery monitoring
Zenter has SOC II and PCI DSS certifications, two-form authentication, and account activity alerts.
cleans up your mailing list and sort out incorrect and deactivated emails so you can have a clean and effective mailing experience.
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Reporting & Tracking
  • Bounce Processing
  • Complaint Tracking
  • Beautiful Emails
  • Responsive Emails
  • Great Price
  • Excellent Customer Service


Email is one of the most effective marketing methods used by sales and marketing managers. No other marketing means returns a higher rate of return and the correct use of email communication does. The reason is simply that you can touch tens of thousands of customers in a matter of minutes and induce the reaction that results in sales and new revenue.
Our servers readily scale up just when you need it and messages deliver 100% to inbox.
We encourage all users to comply strictly with the Privacy Act and to review Article 46 of the Electronic Communications Act.

SMS marketing is probably the most profitable marketplace in today’s business world. However, the market leaders who use it know how powerful they are if they are applied correctly. SMS is displayed for all other media and the message will be sent immediately. SMS thus generates a response to the recipient, which can generate sales opportunities within a short period of time.

Zenter delivers SMS to 190+ countries, and support engagement with 2-Way across 52 countries. Take advantage of our corporate route to deliver SMSs to mobile numbers under DND restriction.

Zenter’s Intelligent route optimization ensures fast, reliable delivery to avoids network congestion. Conversion tracking and multiple KPIs are used to impact route performance for best-in-class communications delivery.
Our Number lookup helps you clean your database and optimize costs. Set up per country or per network message routing. Reduce spam, fraud, and the number of undelivered messages.

Asking feedback after selling a product or service is not common in a lot of businesses, and it is really thoughtful how few sales and marketing managers ask their customers about these important questions: “How do you like the product?”

Making post-sales surveys of goods and services can:

  • Increase Retention Rate (Retention Rate)
  • Help administrators improve products and services
  • Assist administrators to improve various processes at the sale
  • Give managers an advantage over competitors
  • Give referrals to sales managers

Phone Campaign

There are 6 ways to succeed in direct marketing, and the next call is most effective after Face to Face meeting. Smart sales and marketing managers have begun to use a call as a team in their relationship with customers, using it equally before and after sales.

  • A perfect reporting system follows the telephone campaign
  • Keep track of all calls, notes, and when to call again
  • Calling campaigns can increase sales volume
  • Zenter’s target group works extremely well with telephone campaigns
  • You can send emails, text messages, or polls during a call

Sales Opportunities

Sales tips or sales leads are something that most companies are fighting about, and with Zenter you can gain an overview of the status of each sales opportunity or campaign.

The system includes:

  • List of all sales opportunities
  • Important dates
  • Amounts and products
  • Business Manager
  • Notes and next steps

Zenter CRM – Business Relationship System

Zenter CRM is a business relationship system that works great for enhancing business relations, maintaining an overview of sales opportunities, increasing sales capabilities and achieving competitive advantage.

Zenter trails are ideologies that originate from the Japanese car dealerships, and it is assumed that timed-out trails are set in advance to produce a certain experience for customers. These can be a mix of e-mail, SMS and/or surveys, and can give companies a huge competitive edge if successful.

The vast majority of companies can use the following processes:

  • Thank you for the transaction
  • Download extra information after X many days
  • Check out customer’s mind after X many days
  • Cross-sell products
  • Automatically send Birthday wished during birthdays

Target Groups

The target groups are the core of the Zenter system and build most of the elements on this core. Well-defined target groups can save companies unprecedented wealth and time, in addition, customers experience a better and concise service.

Well-defined target groups help to:

  • Send the right benefit
  • Send the appropriate message
  • Get rid of sending all the same messages

Zenter Registration Pages

Zenter registration sites/pages are a great way to attract new customers/recipients and get to know their interests and lifestyle. They can also be used to register recipients for events/conferences and send out various communications to them using the details you have gathered even using Zenter Trails (with which you can automatically send a “Thank You” for registering email and/or SMS, a survey, etc to those who have just completed the form).

You can even have contacts automatically placed in different Target Groups based on the information they fill in the registration form. The possibilities are endless. They are all “Responsive” and are tested before they are delivered in all possible browsers, tablets, smartphones, both PC and Apple computers.

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